How To Select the Right Domain Name

The right domain name has to have one or two most important keywords. A short meaningful phrase is acceptable.  If your business is about flowers include the word ‘flowers’ in your domain name.

It’s going to be difficult to select the name you want: a lot of good names are taken. At the time when I am writing this article, in October of 2010, internet is almost 26 years old. So, what do you do?

  • Use synonyms of the words you target
  • Try to buy the domain name of your choice

Keep the domain name short or at least as short as possible. If people have to make extra efforts to get to your website by typing a long name and misspelling it anyway, they might give up or you will be sending traffic to your competitors. Keeping the domain name short will be advantageous to you. It’s much easier to type a short name than a long one. That’s obvious, but some people get trapped in long domain names.

Another opinion: get a longer name because it is easier to memorize. Go figure!

Domain name has to make sense and be easy to memorize. How about a name that is related to the core of your business and rhymes? Sounds ridiculous? I’ve seen that happen. If your company has a long name and you are trying to abbreviate it that might not work at all. The abbreviation will make sense to a very small amount of people.

Personal Experience in Selecting a Good Domain Name

  • do not use articles (a, the) in domain name
  • place keywords in domain names by all means, even if you have to add a less significant word just to find an available domain name. For example ‘’ – kind of ridiculous name, yet understandable. It also allows the main keywords to shine.
  • do not use plural form of a noun. I think it takes the focus away from the subject.

How long does it take to find a good domain name? My longest personal record – 10 days and 8 hours for one domain name. The shortest record – 15 minutes.

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