I recently found out that Cybercrime profits are higher then profits of illegal drug trafficking. According to president Obama, there were 8 billion dollars stolen from Americans only in the last 2 years.
Last year the price of repairing hijacked consumer systems has risen to 11 billion dollars.

How Protected Are You From Cybercrime?

I know I was not protected at all. I have been a Norton Security user for the last 10 years. I thought I was protected. You can imagine how surprised I was to find Trojan viruses and several others on my personal computer.
Some of the viruses I found on my computer were: Trojans, Sobig, Sasser and Kama Sutra.

Trojan spy program is designed to steal sensitive user data and to manage the victim’s computer system remotely. It is an executable file. It has only 470 bytes – not a significant amount of space to occupy on your computer. The damage it can create is devastating. After your computer is hijacked, it becomes a tool in the criminal’s hands.

Why cybercrime continues to thrive today? Eugine Kaspersky

Evgeny Kaspersky
, a known cybercrime authority, says that we need better Internet Regulations. In his opinion, individuals need Internet Passports, businesses have to have accreditation.

Would it help if internet anonymity ceased? If every computer, every person and every company was identifiable a lot of problems could be solved. Online dating experience could be more rewarding if men and women were identifiable. There could be much more trust between people, if everybody could be identified.

On the other hand, being totally identified could trigger various dangers for single people, for example, for older people and for children.

If it was your choice, would you rather have an Internet Passport?