Your own domain gives you flexibility in terms of using it for monetization. Would you like to earn money on internet? First step into online world is registration of your own domain name. It could start you on your way to financial independence. Everything depends on you, you are the boss.

What is considered a ‘good domain name’? A domain name that has short recognizable words, preferably one word, relevant to the content of the business it represents. A domain name can contain several words. In this case, a hyphen should be used.

At this point in time it is rather hard to find one word for your domain, as public internet is a quarter of a century old and the best names are taken. The first domain was registered in 1985.

Websites can be registered privately in order to keep the owner’s name private. Otherwise, the owner’s personal name is listed and displayed in directories. I always exercise my ‘register by proxy’ right.

OK, you are ready to register your very own domain name. Where and how do you do it? There are many registrars. My favorite is The company has been around for quite some time, reliable, has excellent customer service and the process is fully automated and painless. All you need to do is go to the website FREE Private Registration with your domain at
and select appropriate options on the screen. Watch out: select options that you want, otherwise you will pay much more then you need to.

Good to know: after you registered your domain, you need to wait up to two days until the process is complete and your domain goes thru all necessary internet points.

I know, you are bursting with ideas and your hands are itching to start clicking. Good luck with your new domain!

Now you are ready to select your new web hosting service. We will discuss it in the next couple of days.