Are you tired of being ignorant about computer terminology you don’t really understand: spyware, rootkits, rogue software, computer worms, Trojan horses, malware and dishonest adware? This article will clear major questions and doubts about computer viruses. Expect to see detailed information about FREE, cheap and expensive security software tools and gadgets on this website Computer Secrets Busted

Spyware Can Crash your Computer

Spyware is Software that sends information about your Web surfing habits to its Web site as defined by pc mag.

Spyware can track and steal identity. It can change, slow down and crash your computer.  How to prevent spyware from getting into your computer:

  • Use a firewall
  • When you update your software, make sure it comes from the original company that created it

FREE popular software program to remove spyware from your computer Spyware Terminator It is safe to install this program on your computer. It works with operating system: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7. Install and check your computer now.

What Is Rootkit?

Rootkit is a software program that lives in your computer without you knowing about it. It keeps the back door to your computer open for viruses.  It hides system elements – Windows registry entries, files, network connections. It also hides traces of system changes. Not only the computer owner and users are not aware of its presence, security software is not aware of it as well. There is FREE very popular security software Panda Anti Rootkit This software will work with  operating system: Windows 2000/XP. Check your computer and see if you have rootkit hiding there. To get in depth understanding of rootkits danger, read
Hacking Exposed: Malware & Rootkits Secrets & Solutions The authors of the book: Michael Davis, Sean Bodmer and Aron LeMasters.

Rogue Security Software

Rogue security software claims to be beneficial. In reality, it provides no security. It sends out fake alerts. You might get a message telling you to install software to clean up your computer. And your computer is clean. As soon as you accept it, it will download to your computer. Rogue security software can: corrupt your files, steal identity and slow down your computer.

It might constantly distract you by displaying false alerts and pop-ups. It can get you involved into fraudulent transactions that involve spending money. It might suggest you buy a software program to protect your computer.

Introducing industry leading virus detection rates, the fastest virus updates Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 keeps your PC free from malicious code, adware, spyware, hacker attacks, spam and network fraud.

You get automatic protection at all times. Banking online is safe with Kasperky Internet security 2011 protecting you. This is the best protection software in my humble opinion. Being a user of this outstanding award-winning software, I know that I get the best protection that exists. I wrote several times about Kaspersky security software

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