Are Your Children Texting Friends or Enemies?

A parent’s job is never done. You always worry about your children. Unfortunately, children come up with stories. You never know what is true and what is not, unless you closely guard your child. But you are at work all day. Using Cell Phone Spy will help you in case you have suspicions that your children are not doing what they are supposed to do. Using Cell Phone Spy will give you the right answer. You will find out if you children are involved:

  • Sexual Activity
  • Using drugs
  • Drinking Alcohol and Driving
  • Cheating in School
  • Lying to You About Who They Spend Time With and Who Their Friends Are

Do You Suspect Your Spouse Is Cheating on You?

Put Cell Phone Spy to work for you. Forensic specialists use it.  It allows you to see up to 10 last dialed phone numbers. If you notice that your spouse ends the call very suddenly, that’s a definite clue that something is going on. That’s the time to use Cell Phone Spy. Some people worry that it’s not ethical to spy on their spouse. Is cheating ethical? After all, if you have strong suspicions you need to resolve them. Besides, using Cell Phone Spy is a more economical way to find out the truth than hiring a detective.

Successfully Dispute Billing Charges With Your Phone Carrier Using Your SIM Card.

  • Sim (Subscriber Identity Module) card of Cell Phone Spy used with Recovery PRO software installed on your computer reads even deleted messages. All you need to do is to insert the card into a USB port of your computer. SIM card can also recover logs of calls, received messages, videos and images.
  • Saving, editing and deleting your phone book is easy when used with Cell Phone Spy and Recovery PRO software. Please, take a note, ANY standard Sim card from a standard cell phone can be successfully read.
Use Cell Phone Spy to Manage Your Own Cell Phone Contacts.

Transfer data from one SIM card to another. This is very helpful in everyday maintenance. Cell Phone Spy enhances personal security.

Cell Phone Spy is eligible for Extended Brickhouse Protection Plan. One or two year extended protection plans available. Worry free replacement if your item becomes defective and can’t be fixed.

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