Now is the time to decide if you want your blog to reside on free space. If you want to write a blog for your own pleasure, for your friends and family, you most likely do not need to pay for computer space.

If you want to have free hosting, you don’t need to think about backups, updating the software – none of those problems will matter for you. But don’t be surprised if one day your blog is not there. It can happen. The company can run out of money and close the doors. Unfortunately, it happens these days.

Some people decide to pay for web hosting of their blogs. Is there a difference between free space for your blog and paid web hosting? The short answer is ‘yes’.

What if you passionately write about something you love? One of the most popular blogs in the world – is published in 31 languages and has content for   children and adults. The blog has over a million of unique visitors a month.

Rhett Butler, the author of the blog started it in 1999. He is the author of majority of the articles and photos today. This blog can not exist on free servers. It needs secure and powerful equipment that can stand up to this quantity of visitors.

At this point you need to buy a domain name and to start paying for web hosting if you want to monetize your blog. Your own domain will give you freedom to do anything you want with your blog including advertising space and making money. You can be affiliated with companies that are willing to pay for it. Some bloggers make a significant amount of money.

I hope I raised some questions. The answer is only a couple of clicks away. I invite you to express your opinion.

Wish me luck with my blog and come back for more computer and blogging tips.

To your success!