Beware: IRS Scams

Have you ever filed your federal tax online with Electronic Federal Tax Payment System — or EFTPS?
I will talk about a phishing attack that informs you that your federal tax deposit made online at Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) has been rejected by the IRS.
This phishing attack is new for me – I never had it in the past. I was able to recognize it as an IRS identity theft attempt immediately – lucky me. What made it so obvious?

Misspelled words, English Grammar errors – that’s sign #1 of a phishing email for me. Even if IRS wanted to inform me of the filing problems, they would not be using misspelled words. It’s one of the IRS scams that is easy to recognize.

Hey Mr/Mrs – email scammer!

Thank you for being so ignorant. I hope you never bother learning to spell the words correctly. When I opened the email I was asked to go to a website. Once I saw the misspelled words, I understood that it was a fraud website that looked just like a legitimate site. It’s a bogus site. The purpose of this fraud website is to trick you into sending your personal information so the operators can steal your identity and run up bills or commit crimes in your name.

Opening the email is not dangerous. Clicking on the phishing email attachment, going to fraud website and filling out your userid, password and other personal and financial information – this is where the IRS identity theft danger is. It’s a NO, NO, NO. If you ever post that information on a fraud website you are running the risk of IRS identity theft and/or getting your fund funneled to an untraceable account overseas.

Please know that the IRS does not send official communications to taxpayers via e-mail. It just isn’t done that way. If you receive one of these email scams, forward the email in question to

Protect Yourself from and Report Suspicious E-Mails or Phishing Schemes.

Sources of information:
Protect Yourself. Report Suspicious E-Mails

Suspicious e-Mails and Identity Theft

There are many more IRS scams – watch out.

Select the Right Domain Name

How To Select the Right Domain Name

The right domain name has to have one or two most important keywords. A short meaningful phrase is acceptable.  If your business is about flowers include the word ‘flowers’ in your domain name.

It’s going to be difficult to select the name you want: a lot of good names are taken. At the time when I am writing this article, in October of 2010, internet is almost 26 years old. So, what do you do?

  • Use synonyms of the words you target
  • Try to buy the domain name of your choice

Keep the domain name short or at least as short as possible. If people have to make extra efforts to get to your website by typing a long name and misspelling it anyway, they might give up or you will be sending traffic to your competitors. Keeping the domain name short will be advantageous to you. It’s much easier to type a short name than a long one. That’s obvious, but some people get trapped in long domain names.

Another opinion: get a longer name because it is easier to memorize. Go figure!

Domain name has to make sense and be easy to memorize. How about a name that is related to the core of your business and rhymes? Sounds ridiculous? I’ve seen that happen. If your company has a long name and you are trying to abbreviate it that might not work at all. The abbreviation will make sense to a very small amount of people.

Personal Experience in Selecting a Good Domain Name

  • do not use articles (a, the) in domain name
  • place keywords in domain names by all means, even if you have to add a less significant word just to find an available domain name. For example ‘’ – kind of ridiculous name, yet understandable. It also allows the main keywords to shine.
  • do not use plural form of a noun. I think it takes the focus away from the subject.

How long does it take to find a good domain name? My longest personal record – 10 days and 8 hours for one domain name. The shortest record – 15 minutes.

If you want to make money online

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Another good article about domain names I found  Tips on Choosing a Good Domain Name

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 Software Provides Total Protection

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 protects against Trojan horses, viruses, worms, rootkits and much more –  practically no virus can penetrate your system if it is protected by Kaspersky. When I look at the report after a virus attack on my system,  I smile. Kaspersky software protects the system in real time. What does it mean? The software guards your computer day and night and when a virus tries to get into  your computer, Kaspersky protects you.

How Kaspersky Internet Security Protects You Against Newest Spyware?

Hackers do not sleep. New viruses come to life all the time. The updates come to your computer in small portions and often. That’s how Kaspersky keeps rootkits, spyware and the rest of the viruses off your system.

Two Way Firewall Protects Incoming And Outgoing Data

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 uses two way  firewall. This is how it works: it protects your computer from viruses coming in. It also protects the data going out: while shopping online, banking and filling out forms that contain sensitive information. You get a virtual keyboard and enter passwords and other information using that virtual keyboard. The firewall protects your computer and does not let your information to leak out. Thus, hackers cannot steal it. The software blocks hackers’ attacks.

Do You Want To Protect Your Children While They Are Having Fun Online?

Activate Parental Controls. Buy Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 The software has advanced Parental Controls monitor. It can limit access to internet. It can even block your kids’ online activities. Keep your kids safe and responsible. Control access of your children to applications, games and web sites. Block the transfer of private phone and credit card numbers.

Important To Know About Kaspersky Internet Security 2011

When you surf internet, Kaspersky software warns you that the website you want to enter is not safe, if that is the case.  It keeps you out of trouble, that’s for sure. Browse your system and internet in total confidence: it prevents dangerous applications from entering your system. Intense anti-spam and anti-phishing protection guards your digital identity from being  stolen .

You get free technical support when you buy Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 It supports 3 computers. A special rescue CD will restore your system in case of emergency – if your system is attacked. 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems are available.

Let’s Fight Phishing Scam Together


Phishing is not a new type of internet scam. First it was described in 1987. What is disturbing is that it still exists and continues to grow. 800 million phishing emails are sent out every day, according to Cisco.

Phishing is a type of internet scam where users receive an officially looking email as if it is sent by a bank or any other financial institution. These emails try to lure unsuspecting victims into sharing financial and personal information. It usually includes a link to a fraud website where visitors are asked to enter sensitive personal information: Social Security Number, birthday, mother’s maiden name. The intention here is to steal identity. Identity thieves can run your bills up. They will use your name and your address to commit crimes. They can also change address on your credit card account.

A very dangerous type of phishing is pharming. You can recognize a pharming link when you see digits in the link. When you click on the link, you might think you are going to a bank’s website. In reality, you will be going to a fraud  website.

How Do You Recognize a Phishing Attack?

You can expect the phishing email say something to the effect that your eBay account will be suspended if you don’t answer this phishing email. It can say that it is from PayPal advisory board and instruct you to click on a link to confirm your identity. Do not click! They want to steal identity. Email that participates in a phishing attack might ask you to make a phone call. Your phone number will be recorded and you will be asked your personal identification number.

Report Phishing Scam

To report a phishing scam, go to Anti-Phishing Working Group APWG is a law enforcement center that fights phishing. What do you report? A website that you suspect to be a phishing site. Also send the suspected email you received. Phishing emails are created in such a way that they look official. In early days of phishing scams there were lots of grammar errors in phishing emails. Today the crooks go to great extent to not let that happen in order not to look suspicious. Reporting phishing Scam helps APWG fight internet Fraud.

Play anti-phishing game to make sure you have a good understanding of how to avoid having problems if  identity theft happens Anti-Phishing  Game